Saturday, 13 September 2014

Corn, trout, Whiskey. Wiskey. tonic, Gin. lemonade paracetamol, citalopram,  mirtazapine, xanax, valium, MDMA, BBQ chicken, water. water, water.  

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Those who eat toast in the bath aren't usually hungry, but starved.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wardrobe. Thursday in August 2014 and the days, maybe years before.

Counterfeit Armani suit that was made it Thailand sleeve cut too big, YSL tweed jacket red and blue stitching, black peacock overcoat - worn and waist length, blue work shirt, green wool jumper from NZ, black wool jumper with knitted holes, sailor jumper, feminine jumper that now makes me look like I have breasts, Aztec hippy hoodie, Christmas jumper, tartan deer jumper (not a reindeer), Japanese blouse that doesn't fit at all - white with horse print - from a Swedish vintage store on Gili T (I felt alive and I make mistakes), Levi check, burning island camo shirt, polka dot, Rose summer shirt (makes me look fat), red vintage cord, blue summer Aztec shirt bought on a come down in Melbourne (it was to expensive, I never wear it), dad's 80s country shirt, Queensland flannel shirt, heavy denim shirt (from an Urban cowboy look), red flannel shirt, sailor T (makes my chest look bigger), 4 baseball Ts (long sleeve), colourful chinos (mistake even at the time), black jeans, black jeans, black jeans, dressing gown- blue, dressing gown -dark blue, military style jacket with hoodie inside - not camo, it has tigers on, pile of work shirts on a suitcase, gym shorts and T on radiator making the room smell funky, socks (many colours), boxers (many colours, all too tight), vest T shirts, band shirts (sonic youth, mbv, Neutral Milk Hotel et al), black and brown brogues with holes, red, blue and yellow pairs of Addidas originals - shellfish toe, Two holey pairs of converse chucks (white and black - worn at last).

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Its just the way I'm feeling - August Wednesday

Pain in the head, empty bed, bright clothes : yellow and blue, morose, remembrance of things passed, check Facebook to make sure I was having a blast, wasted education, getting over humiliation, up and down, got out my old books, video art, Marcel proust, public law, notebooks, notebooks, notebooks, eligible, unread, cold around my shoulder, pain in the head.